Privacy Policy
Privacy Statement
It is the purpose of this Statement to make known our practices regarding the collection, use and transfer of your personal information, both by TLN Media Group Inc. and the companies associated with it.
  1. The data controller of your personal information is TLN Media Group Inc.
  2. To contact us visit our contact us page here. You should take into account that, if you contact us for help and / or information, for your safety and ours, we may ask you to authenticate your identity before responding to your request.
  3. TLN Media Group Inc. stores personal information such as: your name and surname, identification document number, address, email and telephone number. Information is also collected and stored when you choose to add favorite shows; the use of our service, your interactions with our services and advertising and that information related to the devices you use to access our service; your activity on the service as well as your selections of titles, viewing history and searches; your interaction with our notifications, messaging channels, customer service, your phone number, and call recordings; device identifiers and software and device characteristics, connection information, page display statistics, IP addresses, browser data, etc.
  4. The use of the information collected is to analyze, manage, improve and personalize our services and marketing initiatives: offer you content, provide you with recommendations, coordinate the provision of services and the availability and limitations to them; prevent, detect, investigate and sanction potentially prohibited or illegal activities; analyze the improvement of services; communicate with customers or potential customers in relation to our service, send them news, details of new features and content, offers and to assist you with operational requests.
  5. TLN Media Group Inc. will be allowed to transfer information to third parties, such as companies related to TLN Media Group Inc. or service providers.
  6. TLN Media Group Inc. may offer promotions in which there is a condition of exchanging information with third parties, for which the client authorizes offering such promotions and sharing their name and other related information, a situation in which it must be clearly established that the third parties are responsible for privacy policies.
  7. This authorization is also extended when said transfer is necessary to comply with the legislation or any judicial or administrative mandate or for the investigation of infractions; prevent or investigate activities with illegal content or due to security or technical problems.
  8. If any type of business reorganization is carried out, whatever it may be, the information may also be transferred.
  9. To facilitate access you can use the "Remember me on this device" function or its equivalent; This feature uses technology that allows direct access and helps manage the service without requiring a password or other user identification each time the browser accesses the service. Whenever possible, users should log out when finished on the device they are using. If you transfer or return a device you should log out and deactivate the service on the device. If you do not protect your password or your device, or do not log out or deactivate your device, anyone can access your personal information. If you share that others have access to your service they will be able to see your personal information, etc.
  10. Please note that your profile will be available to anyone who uses your service account, so that they can navigate, use, edit or delete the information on your profile. Profiles allow each user to have their own personalized experience, according to the content that interests them. If you do not want them to use or modify your profile, take the appropriate action.
  11. If you do not wish to receive communications from us by email or text message, you must communicate it through the contact form found on the web; however, you must bear in mind that you will not be able to cancel the sending of correspondence related to the service or the transactions resulting from it.
  12. If you use a browser or mobile devices, cookies and web beacons allow you to collect information that identifies your likely interests in order to deliver or deliver online advertisements that are tailored to your potential interests.
  13. In the same way, some third-party sites and applications will allow us to send you online promotions about our services by sending a privacy protection identifier to the third party.
  14. The client can request access to the personal information that we have collected, or correct or update it. You can do it directly from the platform. You can also direct that we remove it, however, we may reject requests that are not proportionate or not required by law, including those that are extremely impractical, that may require disproportionate technical effort, or that could expose us to operational risks, such as fraud in free trials. On the other hand, take into account that we may retain the information required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations and even for our billing or records purposes and to comply with the purposes of this Privacy Statement, without prejudice to which reasonable steps are taken to securely destroy or anonymize personal information once it is no longer needed.
  15. We and our service providers use cookies and other technologies to facilitate access to our services and remember you when you log back in, and to provide and analyze our services. We also use cookies and reconfigurable device identifiers to learn more about our users and their likely interests, and to present and personalize marketing or advertising. You should be informed about the use we make of these technologies, so we suggest that you inform yourself about: cookies (essential, performance, operation, advertising) and reconfigurable device identifiers.
  16. In order to provide an adequate level of security, it is our responsibility to have management, administrative and logistical measures to protect your personal information against intrusion, loss, theft and, in general, unauthorized access, use and modification.
  17. Our Privacy Policy will be updated on a regular basis or when necessary, be it due to technological necessity or due to changes in legal or operational requirements. We will inform you of such changes in accordance with the law. If you continue to use the service after the implementation of the updates, it will be understood that you have accepted the changes. If you prefer not to acknowledge or accept any of the updates to this Privacy Statement, you can cancel and stop using the service.